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A General Overview

DetikAturanSdnBhd (henceforth referred to as DetikAturan) has devoted a lot of attention towards beneficial use of biomass waste by converting them to renewable energy. Thru the development of Renewable Energy from palm oil biomass, DetikAturantargets to produce energy at the economical cost and as such we opt for harvesting raw material from biomass waste – commodity, agricultural and forestry. Given that thesebiomass are located all over Malaysia, it is important that the pellets process is conducted as near as it can – where the biomass is located – to minimize transportation cost.

DetikAturan is more than just a name in the Malaysian biomass waste scene. We are the pioneer in producing biomass pellet from palm oil empty fruit bunches (efb) waste. Through our collaboration with University TenagaNasional since 2008, together we have extensively researched biomass waste and its viablility towards making it as the greatest substitute to coal for power generation.

We are commited towards ensuring the success of this projects since we are very experience in this field. We have our own research facilitiy and biomass commercial pellet plant facility located in Kuala Selangor District.

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